We provide a dedicated bookkeeper to work at your location or at ours, who will perform all bookkeeping entries and related tasks. At no extra cost to you, a manager for schools will stay with the bookkeeper to train them in until they are ready to work independently

Why Use Us?

  • We have vendor payment plans that will be on a schedule that is best for you.
  • We accomodate all tight budgers with exclusive paymet plans, even with vendors who don't regualrly offer it.
  • We use the informatin from banks and credit cards to reconcile accounts

How It Works

  • BAS takes care of the IRS payments and remains in regualr contact with them.
  • We help you get payroll out on time and help with your tax payment.
  • We take care of 1099's and W-2's + Monthly Quality Review from our CPA includes a balance sheet and income statement.

With Quality Bookkeeping:

  • You see what your bank actually looks like with projected check clearance.
  • You can schedule payments accurately, avoiding payroll-related turnover.
  • Donors and foundations will have confidence that money is handled responsibly.