Bookkeeping for Schools

We provide a dedicated bookkeeper to work at your location or at ours, who will perform all bookkeeping entries and related tasks. At no extra cost to you, a manager for schools will stay with the bookkeeper to train them in until they are ready to work independently.

We have vendor payment plans that will be on a schedule and that is tailored best for you.

We accommodate all tight budgets with exclusive payment plans, even with vendors who don't regularly offer it.

We use the information from banks and credit cards to reconcile accounts.

How it Works

We believe in process which allow us to scale and optimize.

BAS takes care of the IRS payments and remains in regular contact with them.

We help you get payroll out on time and help with your tax payment.

We take care of 1099's and W-2's + Monthly Quality Review from our CPA includes a balance sheet and income statement.

With Quality Bookkeeping

You see what your bank actually looks like with projected check clearance.

You can schedule payments accurately, avoiding payroll-related turnover.

Donors and foundations will have confidence that money is handled responsibly.

Transparent Pricing

Better Account Solutions is confident in our ability to handle your books, as our bookkeepers are adept in accounting. We will generate comprehensive financial statements so that financial auditors can easily understand them. Rates are hourly, and you will only be charged for the amount of time that your bookkeeper spends on your accounts.

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