Why Use Us?

  • Our bookkeepers are highly qualified junior accountants who are trained in by our knowledgeable managers. Prior to their hire, our bookkeepers must pass tests in accounting principles, credits and debits, followed by a two week training program.
  • Bookkeepers are paired with clients based on their personality, language, industry knowledge, and location. Before they begin to work, a manager will train them into the specifics of your books until they feel confident in their abilities. There is no additional cost for the training process.

How It Works

  • Your bookkeeper will manually read through all of your Amazon statements, including all fees and incomes, to ensure accuracy. The senior E-commerce manager will then review your bookkeeper’s work to catch anything that may have been missed.
  • Once a month, our internal CPA conducts a quality review to ensure that all of your financial statements were done correctly. Your quality assurance manager will create many inquiries regarding your account, and analyze your bank account and financial statements. They will then send you a comprehensive financial statement, which they will review with you to answer any questions that you may have.
  • At yeat-end, we take care of 1099s and corpirate & individual taxes as needed.

Winning Points for Using BAS

  • At Better Accounting Solutions, we provide alternatives to traditional banking options. This allows your business to save time on administrative tasks, reduce payroll costs, and address your employees’ unique payment needs.
  • Let Better Accounting Solutions save you time, money, and provide you with clean books, and accurate numbers. With all your newfound extra time, you can grow your business, and increase revenue.
  • Once you decide to use our services, we will assign you a client-relations specialist who will ensure that everything runs smoothly. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, your issue will be resolved in a timely fashion. We are insured on Criminal, Malpractice, Employee, and General Liability Insurance.

We work with SellerCloud( 3rd-party software), Paypal and more!