Better Accounting Solutions was founded by entrepreneur David Roitblat. He discovered there was no simple way for small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from the services of a part-time qualified accountant at reasonable costs.

We are an advanced bookkeeping & accounting firm. We offer bookkeeping and consulting, tax services & payroll services. Our professionals can take care of all your companys bookkeeping & accounting needs, so you can focus on running your business and generating profits.


In my years of experience working with CPA firms, I have noticed that CPA's don't want to bother dealing with bookkeeping issues, and will just make a quick fix such as an adjusting entry just so the books are acceptable to the IRS for tax filing. This resulted in the client having inaccurate books and the client cannot run accurate financials to make proper decisions. Once seeing these issues, I have decided to open my own accounting firm where the accounting firm hires the accountants to do the bookkeeping for the client and is double checked through a quality control procedure. The Quality Control procedure takes place once a month, so the client can be confident that the books are accurate and reliable, so they may make proper financial decisions.

David Roitblat

Our firm hires Bookkeepers to work at our client's locations or at our Headquarters located in New York City. We test all our candidates on Quickbooks Software as well as a written Accounting Principles test. The candidate MUST pass both exams in order to join our firm.

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